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glob n : a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder" [syn: ball, clod, lump, clump, chunk]

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  1. A round, shapeless or amorphous lump, as of a semisolid substance.
    He dispensed a glob of paint into the cup and went on painting.
  2. A limited pattern matching technique using wildcards, less powerful than a regular expression.
  3. A nearly globular mass taken from a larger supply of a viscous liquid, and no larger than can easily be handled.

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  1. To stick in globs or lumps.
  2. To carry out pattern matching using a glob.


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Glob may refer to:
  • glob (programming), an instance of pattern matching behavior
  • Glob (TV series), an Italian comedy series
  • The Glob, a 1983 arcade game
  • GLOB (spacecraft), acronym for GLare OBstructor: An appendage mounted to a spacecraft and used to protect optical instruments from solar glare.
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